Who we are

The team here has been busy helping companies creatively have their say since 1983. We're a mature agency, but we also benefit from the vibrant nature of youth.

Our customers the world over rely on us for our experience, the latest know-how, imagination and boundless energy.

Core competencies

At Oursayso, we enjoy some rather unique characteristics and capabilites. It's these core competencies that allow us to meet your brief, approach things in the best possible way and achieve the very best results.

Digital Programmers
Project Managers
Stage Managers
Set Designers
Presenter Coaches
Sound Engineers
Storyboard Artists
Drone Operators
Video Editors

Ordinary people who set out to do extraordinary things!

You'll find us as friendly, down to earth and unpretentious. In fact, we see ourselves pretty much as ordinary people who set out to do extraordinary things... and because of this, as you'll see, we enjoy an excellent relationship with many of the world's biggest and best brands.

Years of knowledge and experience

We've been fortunate to have worked for many amazing organisations across a wide range of sectors. This has resulted in us gaining considerable knowledge and experience, which allows us today to provide communications expertise to the highest level.

"Oursayso work hard with the leadership of the business to deliver appropriate, simple and direct messages that will see an immediate response. They always make it fun and the feedback from the team after every conference is 'when is the next one!?'"

Paul Mildenstein Chief Executive Officer Roof-Maker / NED Liberis

A cracking team of passionate people

Well, we can't budget for things that are 'behavioural', so inevitably we tend to do lots of things for free... not because we have to, but because we want to. We're a cracking team of passionate people.

We love what we do.


We don't make a song and dance about this. We feel it's unrealistic to say we do anything in particular better than anybody else.

We just work jolly hard, employ the very best talent in the industry and always, always try our best. This is what makes us effective and successful.